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Welcome to Attica Capital Investments

Our real estate investment agency Attica Capital Investments (UK), with many years of
expertise in the commercial and residential real estate sector of Germany, Switzerland,
Austria, France, Greece & Cyprus, has great deal of chosen estates and customers,
providing innovated European services in real estate investments in the following

* Commercial buildings, offices etc., Hotel & tourist complexes in Greece, Cyprus
* Industrial buildings and areas, Vacation housing (buildings and plots)
* Investments in Europe and Brasil, Renovation (buildings and apartments)
* Architectural projects in Germany, Austria, Greece, Cyprus and France

Having a great deal of estates consultants, architectural projects and
collaboration with the most known constructors in Germany, Cyprus,
Greece and Europe, we ensure the immediate service at any of your

Over 22 years of real estate experience in the Greek, German and the Cypriot
market. We are able to offer a holistic quality service via an extensive own
partner network. We know and understand your business.

Based in Huntingdon, UK we cooperate with our own global network of
working relationships, mainly based in Europe.