Attica Capital Investments is a real estate investment firm based in United Kingdom

Founded by Konstantin Arzumanidis in January 2016. Attica Capital Investments Ltd. manages assets (vacation,
investment and luxury properties) for private investors, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.

We provide investments in commercial buildings, exclusive touristic villages and exclusive hotels with above-
average returns. Furthermore, we offer large plots on the beach and investment land for turnkey projects,
mainly in Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Montenegro and Portugal.

The second field is our expertise focuses on distressed real estate assets in our key market demographics.
Through stringent quantitative analysis we are able to quickly and accurately identify value add assets,
and through our vertical integration we are able to streamline our processes to ensure our Investors reap
the highest potential returns year over year.

We are helping our customers to find the right investment in Europe. From property development to finance
and insurance services, we work right across Europe (mainly in the EU) in different sectors and markets.

We understand that property investment is not one size fits all business. We adjust our services and provide
proven strategies for our clients to help them grow a healthy portfolio.

The minimum amount with Attica Capital Investments is € 1 mln.

Our services are:

* Commercial & residential real estate services in Germany, France, Austria, Cyprus, Italy and Greece

* Property development in Germany, Greece and Cyprus (EU)

* Greece: EU-Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

* EU-Citizenship by Investment in Greece

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